Selling with us

Do you have any good quality, branded or vintage clothes, shoes or accessories that you are looking to sell?

If so, why not let us display them for sale in our shop on a 50/50 basis and make some extra cash?

Simply list your items on a form that you can collect from the shop (or click the Item Entry Form button below and print it), and then bring your clean, undamaged items to 'ecoRestyle' on Pike Street, Liskeard, and we will offer them for sale on your behalf.  We charge a nominal 50p per item when we receive them, and from anything we sell you get 50% of the proceeds!

If you are a new customer and have not sold with us previously, please also complete the Customer Registration Form (sales agreement) and bring it with you.

For more information please see our Terms of Sale below.

Terms of Sale

  • We accept women's and men's pre-loved and new clothes, shoes and accessories (e.g. bags, jewellery etc.).  We particularly welcome well known brand labels (high street and upwards)
  • Items must be in good, clean, undamaged condition and be free from any marks or stains.  Any items that we feel are unsuitable will be rejected
  • Clothing items should be freshly laundered and crease-free prior to being brought in to us
  • For hygiene reasons we do not accept any pre-worn undergarments
  • Whilst we don't limit the total number of items that a customer can sell with us at any one time, we ask that you bring in no more than 15 items per visit
  • We charge a fee of 50p per item when we take your goods in.  This helps mantain the quality of our stock and goes a little way towards covering our costs
  • We will offer the items for sale in our shop (and sometimes online via social media and/or on our website) for up to six weeks
  • You receive 50% of the sale price of each item.  Regarding the pricing of your goods, you have the option of specifying a minimum sale price or we can do this for you
  • Any unsold items after six weeks must have an arranged collection date within 14 days, otherwise they may be donated to charity 

We sell - You profit!